Hysteria—Assignment and Listening Test


Click on the link below and listen to the story “carefully” when you are NOT sleepy since it’s over 50 mins:


Then, please answer the following questions as a comprehension test. The deadline is the Tue. after the first midterm. 

Q1:  In the story, the word “ring” appears many times in the conversatoins. What does it mean?

Q2: What does Denise ask Phil to do at the beginning of the story?

Q3: Where is Phil taken to in the beginning of the story?

Q4: Who most often talks to Denise on the phone?

Q5: How many gilrs are killed in the story?

Q6: Who receives the potency test in the story?

Q7: Does Phil personally know the dead prostitutes?

Q8: What is an “invoice?” 

Q9: What information do the police have at hand about the age of the killer?

Q10: Why is Phil’s phone stolen?

Q11: Why does the police release Phil in the end?

Q12: What is the main reason that causes Phil to leave Denise in the end?

Each answer is worth 8 points so the total will be 96. You can listen to it as many times as you want, but when the due day arrives,  each of you is required to hand in your own answers. If there’s anything unclear, talk to me.

Reminder: Group Story Reciting will be held in mid-November and the online transcription of Stokke Xplory is due on Oct. 31.



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